Cosmetic dental treatment

Cosmetic dental treatment



We sand and polish away stains. For a brighter more intense shade of white, we use bleach. Bleaching can be performed at home using a fitted mouth guard or at the clinic in special cases.

Replacement of visible fillings

Amalgam fillings can be replaced with tooth colored fillings. Old plastic fillings may darken over time and these can also be replaced. It may also be necessary to replace old fillings after bleaching.

Cosmetic crown therapy

Where teeth are stained, cracked, or have repetitive stress injuries, the esthetics can be improved by doing crowns/veneers.


Veneers are very thin custom made shells of  porcelain or resin which are bonded to the front teeth. With veneers You can improve the esthetics of Your smile by changing the color , shape, size and length with a minimal invasive treatment.

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